Ramond Yzer Releases 4th CD of Saxophone Hymns
“My prayer is that when people hear what God has given to me in song, they will be blessed,” he says. Yzer shares his music passion with his children, who assisted him on several of the album’s songs. Rendelle, CEO and founder of Dynasty Financial Group in Washington, D.C., also plays tenor saxophone. Natalie, a fourth-year medical student in Chicago, plays flute. For Yzer’s next album A Shelter in a Storm, which is due out later this year, his wife, Lorraine, a financial manager, plans to lend her hand at co- producing. Yzer’s albums can be purchased through several venues, including Amazon.com, iTunes, or cdbaby.com/cd/yzer3                         


Independent gospel recording artist Ramond Yzer recently released his third album, a collection of popular hymns.Yzer is primarily a self-taught alto, soprano, and tenor saxophone player who fell in love with the instrument at a young age.He resides in Clifton, Va. and is a member at Potomac’s Capital Memorial church in Washington, D.C. Yzer, who owns a business consulting firm, sincerely enjoys blessing others through his classic renditions, especially the older generation.

Ramond Yzer announces the release of his new CD entitled "A Shelter in a Storm" This fourth CD is a compilation of popular traditional hymns on the saxophone, played in a jazzy upbeat tempo. Please contact him directly if you would like to support his ministry by purchasing a CD.He may be reached 
Website: www,rlyzer.com


CMC’s Ramond Yzer,
through his RLY Music Ministry,has just released his fifth CD of sacred music on the saxophone. This newest release is a 15-track CD he calls  “Paid in Full ".The CD is a  compilation of popular Easter traditional hymns with an upbeat tempo,all played by Ramond on the saxophones. Here are a few of the songs on this CD:“Jesus Paid It All"
"Were You There?",“Power in the Blood,” and probably the most well-known Easter hymn,“Christ The Lord is Risen  Today". If you’re looking for an Easter gift for family, friends,or coworkers, this just might be what you’re looking for. You can support this ministry by ordering a copy from RLY Music Ministry. Contact Ramond, 
Website: www.rlyzer.com or by E-mailing 
him at www. ramondyzer@rlyzer.com

Ramond Yzer’s Saxophone CD Mentioned in ‘Visitor’

The March issue of Visitor, the monthly newsletter of the Potomac Conference, features an article on CMC’s own Ramond Yzer in its “What’s New” section in Beth Michaels’ “Potluck”column on page six. “Independent gospel recording artist Ramond Yzer recently released his third album, a collection of popular hymns,” writes Michaels. Ramond, who is self-taught,plays alto, soprano, and tenor saxophone.The CD is called “Face To Face” and features Ramond’s son Ray on tenor sax and daughter Natalie on flute.“My prayer is that when people hear what God has given to me in song, they will be blessed,” said Ramond.Ramond’s fourth album, “A Shelter in a Storm,” is due out later this year and, for the first time, will be  coproduced by wife Lorraine. All of
Ramond’s CDs can be purchased through Amazon.com, iTunes, or cdbaby.com/cd/yzer3
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 Ramond Yzer Releases 
Full-length DVD music video. Entitled "Jesus, The Light Of The World" 

CMC’s own Ramond Yzer, who has performed on his saxophone on several CDs of Christian music, has released a DVD of Christmas music. Entitled “Jesus, The Light of The World,” 
this instrumental video consists of Ramond performing on the saxophone a compilation of Christmas favorites, as recorded on his CD of that same title. Versions playable in both North America and Europe are available.To contact him website:www.rlyzer.com
Yzer Releases Fifth CD
Ramond Yzer: Face To Face
Ramond Yzer: Face To Face
Ramond Yzer: A Shelter In A Storm
Ramond Yzer: Paid In Full
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